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Committing C# Crimes to Provide Better ECS APIs

July 11, 2024

On figuring out how to bridge the GameObject/ECS divide by leverage attributes, partials, and source generators.


March 11, 2024

Leveraging Spite-Driven Development to make a zero friction image sharing site

Building a Web Framework with C# records, Tailwind and HTMX (and no JS)

February 9, 2024

Goblin-mode-ing C#'s type system and record syntax to render a webpage

Handing Collisions the ECS Way

February 2, 2024

Breaking old habits and trying to form new ones

Fixing Discourse Restore dump.sql.gz Errors For Mismatched tar/gz files

January 24, 2024

Zipping your tars or tar-ing your zips?

So You Wanna Package Some Native Libs Into A NuGet Package

January 21, 2024

Into the depths of csproj and NuGet package management


October 31, 2023

Binding Luau (aka Roblox Lua) into C#

First Impressions of Disney's Lorcana TCG

September 15, 2023

Thoughts and impressions after a few rounds of playing Lorcana

Cantata Released!

August 15, 2023

Our ambitious Grand Tactics game is finally here!

Cultivating A Space For The Doing

May 16, 2023

An average Tuesday begets strangely connected threads

Breaking the Cycle - The Potential of Creative AI in Game Development

April 26, 2023

Game development is in crisis. Can creative AI tooling save it?

Simple Echo Example for Discord.Net Bot

March 17, 2023

Quick fix on getting a Discord bot to echo in Discord.Net

Low-Level Interop and Memory Management in C# for Allocation-free P/Invoke Code

March 13, 2023

An introduction to low-level C# and figuring out if any idiomatic patterns exist for working with native memory.

Discovering Dotnet-Script

February 26, 2023

Running C# inside C# with dotnet-script

Heisenfunctions, Incremental Determinism, and The Future of Programming

January 8, 2023

Exploring what it could mean to program with GPT from the very start

AI Won't Take Gamedev

November 17, 2022

Game development is already commoditized.

Talking To Machines, Or "Serendipitous Prompting for AI Image Generators"

October 24, 2022

Talking about how Midjourney has changed how I approach creative work.

Finding answers to difficult questions

October 20, 2022

Exploring what to do when you're trying to find answers to hard technical problems on the internet, and all the usual options aren't working.

Nostalgia and the Triforce% Run

September 28, 2022

Musing on speedrunning's relationship to games and the production of "new" nostalgias

Midjourney Changed My Mind on AI-Generated Art

June 24, 2022

Experimenting with Midjourney to create concept art

Game Design Mimetics (Or, What Happened To Game Design?)

June 9, 2022

Exploring recent trends in game design to try and figure out why everything is Fine and why that's terrible.

New Laptop Whomst This?

April 3, 2022

Configuring a new Macbook Pro for 2022 for game development + video editing

Reflecting on using 2D in Unity in 2021/2022

February 16, 2022

Reflecting on using Unity for a large scale 2D project

I Guess I'm Making A Game Engine...

February 25, 2021

Towards a fresh, new way of making games in C# and Dotnet

Using Unity's New 2D Animation System for Traditional Sprite Animation

February 23, 2021

Using SpriteLibrary and SpriteResolver to reduce redundant work

2020 in Review

January 30, 2021

Things I liked in 2020

A History of Civilization Beyond Sid Meier's Memoir

December 5, 2020

Extra reading and listening for people who want to know more about the history of *Civilization*

Thoughts on Promesa

November 28, 2020

Diving into how Promesa uses the language of game engines and films to portray memory

Announcing Depot

October 11, 2020

Depot, the structured data editor for VS Code, is available now!

Dreaming of C#'s future in Unity

October 8, 2020

Could webassembly ever make it into Unity?


September 21, 2020

Date: 9/21/20 Tags: Tools, Svelte, Data, VSCode Permalink: /game-data-editor-vscode-part-4 Summary: Editing VS Code virtual document data from


September 20, 2020

Date: 9/20/20 Tags: Tools, Svelte, Data, VSCode Permalink: /game-data-editor-vscode-part-3 Summary: Getting data into Svelte from VSCode’s virtual


September 11, 2020

Date: 9/11/20 Tags: Tools, Svelte, Data, VSCode Permalink: /game-data-editor-vscode-part-2 Summary: Using Svelte for VS Code Custom Editor Webviews


September 11, 2020

Date: 9/11/20 Tags: Tools, Svelte, Data, VSCode Permalink: /game-data-editor-vscode-part-1 Summary: Why build a custom data editor? Title: Building

Steam Wishlist Calculator

August 31, 2020

I made an interactable calculator that allows you to identify a wishlist target for your game


August 4, 2020

Date: 8/4/2020 Tags: Movies Permalink: /platform-master-review Summary: Indie Game: The Movie where nobody wins and it doesn’t matter Title: A

Some Game UI Principles

June 18, 2020

Some rules I try to follow when designing UI

Selections and Highlights from the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle

June 9, 2020

Selections and Highlights from the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle

Demystifying Attributes, C#'s Under-Utilized Superpower for Game Development

May 4, 2020

Exploring the many uses of C#'s attributes in Game Development

A Brief Introduction to the OSR and Some Recommendations

May 1, 2020

Talking about some things I like in OSR

Reflections on Using Roam After Three Months

April 1, 2020

Reflecting on a few months of using Roam

The Burden of Worldbuilding

March 28, 2020

Thinking about OSR, Worldbuilding, and everything in between

2019 Recap

February 16, 2020

A summary of things I liked in 2019

Intro to Part 2

August 3, 2019

Date: 8/3/2019 Tags: Unity, Discord, Early Access Permalink: /build_pipelines_2 Title: Unity Build Pipelines Part 2: Effectively Delivering a Closed


July 27, 2019

Date: 7/27/2019 Tags: Unity, Steamworks Title: Unity Build Pipelines Part 1: Automating Multiplatform Builds with Steam Integrations Permalink:

Things I Liked in 2018

January 9, 2019

Things I Liked In 2018

Bringing CastleDB to Unity

August 11, 2018

Bringing CastleDB to Unity


May 28, 2018

Learning to love traditional card games

Bitwise Tilemapping

September 20, 2017

“Intelligently” generating tilemaps

P2P Networking from Top to Bottom

August 31, 2017

Working with P2P Networking in Unity, C#, and Facepunch.Steamworks

A Gentle Introduction to Steamworks

August 17, 2017

A brief introduction to Steamworks that cuts to the point


August 16, 2017

Date: 8/16/2017 Tags: General Permalink: /introduction Title: Welcome! Summary:Welcome to my blog! — I’ve been wanting to start up a more formal

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