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Steam Wishlist Calculator

I made an interactable calculator that allows you to identify a wishlist target for your game

August 31, 2020

Tagged: Steam  


View the calculator here

For a while I had been keeping track of key numbers and ratios and multipliers in a spreadsheet to help determine key metrics for how a game should perform in order to recoup any investment in it. However, as great as spreadsheets are, they can be a bit finnicky to use and can lack context about the how and why of their calculations!

So, in order to not only make the calculator a bit easier to use, but to explore a computing platform I’ve been interested in, I ported all the numbers and calculations to a public Observable notebook that anyone can have access to!

View the calculator here

The main idea behind the calculator is to give you a rough idea of the budget of your game plus any additional fees that may come as part of a publisher deal, and then factor in things like game price and platform cut to better understand how much money you need to make on the game in order to recoup an initial investment and actually get into profit territory!

I won’t say much more about it here, as you can view the link and basically enter the numbers as you go along, which is the beauty of Observable!

Big thanks to people like Simon Carless, Lars Doucet, Jake Birkett, Boxleitter, and many more for helping figure out these rough formulas, I couldn’t do this without your valuable work!

View the calculator here

Published on August 31, 2020.

Tagged: Steam  

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